Hire interim managers, consultants and freelance professionals easily and economically

Get in touch with thousands of available interim managers, independent consultants and freelance specialists faster and cheaper now.

Planet Interim does not charge any fees because we are an independent sourcing tool and matching platform and expressly not a recruitment and selection agency. As an employer, you will therefore quickly save up to 25% in hiring fees. As an employer, you can post five assignments free of charge every month. In addition, a company account allows you to access an unlimited number of interim managers, consultants and freelancers directly from our database and set up 24/7 accessible talent pools. For recruiters, we have a special online sourcing service. Create an account in 5 minutes now and save time, effort and costs and get better exposure among interim managers and freelance specialists! Lees verder

Benefits for employers

Build relationships with freelance and interim professionals, directly and free of charge

Freelance professionals offer their best hourly rates, due to our unique auction technology

Save extra, as employers do not pay any fee in case of a match

Place five assignments per month completely free of charge

From the sixth assignment you will pay only 7.95 service charge per assignment

No hassle, a possible invoice and specification automatically follows by e-mail

With a Company account, you

  • handle responses to assignments easily online with a few clicks
  • build-up dynamic talent pools of preferred interim professionals with ease
  • automatically receive profiles of new, relevant interim professionals
  • can quickly create, renew, copy, stop or change new assignments
  • post your assignments automatically if you wish via our online sourcing service
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