A special offer for secondment companies, consultancy firms and network organisations!

Planet Interim is one of the most well-known online sourcing and matching tools for interim managers and freelance specialists. Now, the platform offers a hybrid company account that allows secondment companies, consultancy firms and network organisations to find new professionals for their own assignments as well as new assignments for their own professionals. Talent pooling and employer branding are also facilitated. The advantages at a glance.

Advantages of a hybrid account for secondment, consultancy and network organisations

Planet Interim offers secondment, consultancy and network organisations a hybrid company account that makes the following possible:

  • From a hybrid company account, you can post assignments, find professionals and simultaneously manage and offer multiple 'own' professionals.
  • Because Planet Interim is not a contracting party, the professional can work through his own private limited company, sole proprietorship, secondment agency or payroll company or be deployed from a consultancy firm. The form of contract and the rate must ultimately be agreed with the client.
  • Through our platform, available professionals are automatically matched daily with over 1,000 current interim assignments and consultancy projects from affiliated clients, over 300 intermediaries, brokers, MSPs and social media assignments, see this infographic.
  • Professionals can distinguish themselves with recommendations from employers and clients and therefore rank higher in the results.
  • Potential clients and social media are automatically notified when a profile of your professionals is updated.
  • You can both automatically receive relevant professionals, for example audit candidates, and at the same time your own Planning & Control candidates are automatically empowered with assignments from other parties.
  • Your offered professionals become more visible and findable for clients through our top search engine positions.
  • Every professional gets a personal Planet Interim dashboard, with your company logo. There is a structural 'branding effect' because when the professional logs in and looks at our e-mails, he sees who offered the subscription. Your organisation thus profiles itself as a good (former) employer, possibly even after the cooperation has ended.
  • Professionals can be identified in search results by displaying your organisation's logo on their profile, both on-screen and on the downloadable PDF profile for potential clients.
  • The hybrid company account will be online and fully operational within two weeks.

Sample hybrid account dashboard for secondment, consultancy or network organisations, with own assignments and professionals:

Hybride Account Dashboard

The hybrid company account can be used from 20 premium annual memberships for professionals

We have tailor-made agreements with various secondment and consultancy organisations whereby they offer premium memberships to their professionals. Your organisation can use the hybrid account by purchasing 20 premium annual memberships for affiliated professionals. There is a 25% introductory discount, making the price per premium account now €75 per year (ex. VAT). So in total from €1,500 (ex. VAT) per year.

These premium memberships can be provided to professionals who are represented or assisted by your organisation. The professionals will register through a special partner registration link or will be created by your company's contact person from within the hybrid account. After that, the professionals get their own account dashboard with your logo and name. As a representative, you can manage this account via your own hybrid company account. The premium memberships can be paused if a professional is on assignment or on holiday, so not a day of the investment will be lost.

Example Professionals Premium Account dashboard with the name and logo of your organisation:

Professionals Account Dashboard

Require professionals? Post assignments free of charge right away

The first ten assignments that you post on Planet Interim per month with your hybrid or 'regular' company account are always at no charge. From the eleventh assignment onwards, €4.95 in service costs are charged per assignment. As a company or intermediary, it is interesting to post all of your interim assignments and projects on our platform. You always generate relevant exposure for your organisation and for your assignments!

If you post your assignments:

  • we automatically match your assignments with our members; 
  • we share the assignments for you on our popular social media channels;
  • you will easily receive similar profiles with motivation and rate indication;
  • contacting or rejecting candidates is a piece of cake;
  • we guarantee a competitive hourly purchasing rate through our auction technology;
  • you pay no agency fee, as we are a sourcing tool and emphatically not an agency; and
  • you can share the fee saved, up to 24% in the higher segment, with the professional, which means you pay better and save on hiring at the same time!

Total package: place an unlimited number of assignments and use a hybrid company account?

For €950,- (ex. VAT) your organisation can place unlimited assignments for six months.You receive a 20% extra discount and can be sure that your investment is limited, regardless of the number of assignments you place. It is possible to make an API connection with Planet Interim or to provide us with an RSS or XML feed with relevant assignments. You can also link via InGoedeBanen, Recruitment Technologies, Mimir, Broadbean

This means that your organization, for an investment as of € 2. 450 (ex. VAT) per year, can post an unlimited number of assignments and can take out twenty premium memberships, allowing you to use the hybrid company account. This can be expanded with your own partner company pages, banners and additional exposure through our social media channels and newsletters. 

If you would like to use the best reviewed self-sourcing and matching platform, you can send us a message so we can set up this special deal and get you up and running in two weeks. You will be active within two weeks! Do you want more information or do you want us to set up the account for your organisation? No problem, just contact us.