A special offer for secondment companies, consultancy firms and network organisations!

Planet Interim is a leading online sourcing and matching tool for interim managers, freelance specialists and consultants. Now the platform offers a hybrid company account that allows secondment agencies, consultancy firms and network organisations to find new professionals for their own assignments as well as new assignments for their own professionals. It also supports dynamic talent pooling, with 24/7 access to available interim managers, freelance specialists and consultants, and employer branding. A summary of the benefits in a Q&A with Niels van Berkel, founder of Planet Interim.

Planet Interim focuses mainly on interim managers and freelance professionals. Why this move into secondment and consultancy?

Van Berkel: "This is an addition. The platform always focused on all types of interim assignments for higher educated people, all that is 'not permanent', so also consultancy assignments, for example. In recent years, we noticed that consultancy firms and secondment agencies were not only looking for new professionals for their projects, but also wanted to be able to represent their 'own people' on the interim and consultancy market.

Since the best professionals are scarce and in demand, it is important for consultancy organisations to work on their good reputation as employers and principals. It then makes sense to stay 'top-of-mind' with professionals, especially if they are looking for a new assignment after a project ends or are already working elsewhere. If, as an organisation, you can stay visible by managing professionals affiliated to you with a hybrid company account and with which you also increase the visibility and job mobility of those same professionals, you kill two birds with one stone."

How does that work?

Van Berkel: "The consulting organisation or outsourcer gets a hybrid company account on our platform that allows them to publish their own projects and assignments to which interim managers, consultants and freelance specialists can respond. The organisation can also proactively approach interesting people. If a relevant professional updates his or her profile or registers with us, you will automatically be notified. As a result, you quickly build dynamic talent pools that are accessible 24/7 and are always up-to-date."

Then, you as an employer, will be looking for interim professionals, what's new?

Van Berkel: "True, the nice thing is that with the hybrid company account you can put on two different hats; what's new is that you can now both find new professionals for your own assignments as well as new assignments for your own professionals. Your own professionals can be connected to the hybrid account and each of them gets his or her own subscription with a personal dashboard at Planet Interim, with your company logo and the like. The connected professionals are automatically matched via our platform with more than 1,500 current interim assignments and consultancy projects of connected clients, over 300 intermediaries, brokers and MSPs.

When one of the affiliated professionals becomes available, both potential clients as well as our much-followed social media channels are automatically notified on an anonymous basis. Professionals can be recognised in search results for potential clients by the company logo on their profile. This makes your own professionals stand out even more to potential clients.

You can manage professionals centrally as a portfolio but they can each individually also manage their own account?

Van Berkel: "You decide per professional whether they can also manage the professionals account themselves and receive all service e-mails with assignments from us. But you can also just centralise it with the manager of the professionals because we immediately automatically overlay the offer of assignments and projects across your entire portfolio of professionals. We actually automatically create a shortlist per assignment and show which professionals match with which assignment. In case of a match with just one or more professionals from your pool, your organisation will receive an alert from us. So you can manage centrally, while taking action at the individual level."

Sample shortlist by external assignment with appropriate in-house professionals:

Shortlist opdracht met eigen professionals

So, how does the consultancy organisation profile itself as a good employer or principal?

Van Berkel: "The consultancy organisation profiles itself as a good (former) employer, because professionals can keep their individual premium account with Planet Interim even after the cooperation ends. This gives temporary employees a tool they can use to present themselves on the market and which automatically matches them with 1,500 assignments a day. This way, you invest in their labour mobility while the professional continues to see your company logo on the dashboard and on all our communication. This automatically keeps you 'top-of-mind' with professionals you work with or have worked with before."

Sample hybrid account dashboard for secondment, consultancy or network organisations, with their own assignments and their own professionals:

Hybrid Account Dashboard

Want to use the hybrid company account? You can do so from as little as 10 premium annual memberships!

A secondment provider or consulting organisation can use the hybrid company account by purchasing a minimum of 10 premium annual memberships for their joining professionalsThe regular premium annual membership costs from 180 per year. An introduction discount of 50% applies, so the price per premium account is now 90 per year, totalling from 900 (ex. VAT) per year.

These premium memberships can be provided to professionals represented or assisted by the organisation. The professionals can register via a dedicated partner registration link or their profiles are created by the contact person from the hybrid company account dashboard. Thereafter, the professionals also get their own account dashboard with the organisation logo and organisation name displayed. Premium memberships can be paused if a professional is on assignment or on holiday, so that not a day of investment is lost. Also, professionals to be facilitated can easily be transferred to a colleague.

Example of a Professionals Premium Account dashboard with the organisation's name and logo with the hybrid company account:

Professionals Account Dashboard

The first five assignments per month are free of charge

As an employer, recruitment agency or MSP it is interesting to publish your interim assignments and projects on our platform. You always generate relevant exposure and greater awareness among the highly educated target group. The first five assignments per month are free of charge. 

If you place assignments:

  •  not only do we automatically match your assignments with our members, but we also share them for you on our popular social media channels; 
  •  you will easily receive comparable profiles with motivation and rate indication; 
  •  making or rejecting contact with just a few clicks of the mouse is a piece of cake; 
  •  we guarantee a competitive hourly purchasing rate through our auction technology
  •  you pay no placement fee, as we are a sourcing tool and emphatically not an agency, and 
    you can share the fee saved, up to 24% in the higher segment, with the professional, which means you pay better and save on hiring at the same time! 

For maintenance, quality audits and service, we charge a contribution to our costs of 7.95 per assignment starting from the sixth assignment per month. For example, if you post 45 assignments in a month, you pay 40 x 7.95 is 318. However, we have an attractive and super convenient deal! You can see in this video how we automatically post all your assignments, deliver available candidates to you and at the same time maintain your current recruitment process:


Automatically post all your assignments carefree for six months for 995

We have developed a unique offer for Recruiters of employers, intermediaries and secondment agencies: for 995 you not only automatically place all assignments for six months but we also take care of the connection. This allows you to spend more time on the best candidates. The advantages of this new All-in Premium Jobservice:

  •  We provide the interface to automatically collect, 'parse' and code all your relevant assignments online 
  •  All your assignments will subsequently be posted correctly by Planet Interim, so you don't have to fill in or code anything manually anymore. 
  •  On the basis of 'a.i.' we match your assignments with our members and visitors
  •  Your own recruitment process remains intact with the use of your own application links 
    You can now fully focus on selecting the best professionals 
    You no longer need a link from a third-party company such as Vonq Job Post, Recruitment Technologies or Broadbean, but this can still be used. It is also possible to provide an RSS feed with assignments. 
    You will receive periodic reports on the number of candidates that have been submitted 
    You enjoy a solid discount and know exactly where you stand 

If you want to use the best rated sourcing and matching platform for a flat fee now, create a free company account in five minutes and send us a message so we can get the special Recruiters Deal started. Want more information first or want us to set up the account for your organisation? No problem, please feel free to contact us.

Combine Hybrid Company Account with unlimited posting of Assignments

If you want to combine both deals, by using your hybrid account to manage your own professionals and also to automatically post an unlimited number of assignments, the total investment is 2700 per year, i.e. 900 for the hybrid company account plus 1800 for the unlimited posting of assignments with an additional discount of 10%..

Deal per year 


Recruiters Deal 1800,-
Hybrid Company Account   900,-
Total per year

If you want to use the best-reviewed sourcing and matching platform now for a flat fee, create a free company account in five minutes and send us a message so we can get these special deals started. Want more information first or want us to set up the account for your organisation? No problem, feel free to contact us.