Planet Interim Recruiters Deal 20% Discount

Six months of unrestricted placing of assignments on Planet Interim

Our fast-growing matching platform includes 20,000 higher educated interim professionals. They are active in one or more fields such as Healthcare, General Management & Programme Management, IT, Finance, Marketing & Communication, Purchasing & Logistics, HR, Legal & Tax, Construction & Technology, Education and Hospitality & Facility Management. Click here for further information. Our network of interim and freelance professionals is growing rapidly, with around three to five hundred professionals per month. Planet Interim increases the chance of a match and lowers the purchase price. After all, we do not ask for a margin or mediation fee. 

The first ten assignments per month are always free of charge

As a client or intermediary it is interesting to place your interim assignment(s) and project(s) on our platform. After all, you will always generate relevant exposure for your organisation and the assignments and more awareness among the highly educated target group. The first ten assignments per month are also free of charge! 

If you post your assignments free of charge:

  •  We do not only automatically match your assignments with our members, but we also share them for you on our popular social media channels; 
  •  you will easily receive comparable profiles with motivation and rate indication; 
  •  making contact or rejecting is a piece of cake; 
  •  we guarantee a competitive hourly rate thanks to our auction technology
  •  you don't pay a mediation fee, because we are a sourcing tool and emphatically not an agency, and 
    you can share the saved fee, up to 24% in the higher segment, with the professional so you pay better and save on hiring at the same time! 

The first ten assignments per month are always free-of-charge! And that's the same same again from the 50th assignment in a month. For maintenance and service, we only charge a contribution to our costs of only € 4.95 per assignment between the 10th and the 50th assignment per month. As an organization you therefore never pay more than 40 times 4.95 is € 198 per month. Even if you post 100, 200 or more assignments in a month!

Six months of uncrestricted placing of jobs with a 20% discount!

We have developed a unique offer for Recruiters: for only € 950,- (ex. VAT) the organisation where you are working as a recruiter can place an unlimited number of assignments every six months! This means that your employer or client receives a 20% discount and is completely certain that the investment is limited regardless of the number of assignments you place. You can then make unlimited use of our platform and get the most out of it.

Please note: with a company account you can proactively select and approach interim professionals. You will also automatically receive interesting professionals if they are available. It is possible to make a link with Planet Interim or to provide us with an RSS or XML feed with relevant assignments. You can also request a link via, for example, InGoedeBanen, Recruitment Technologies, Mimir, Broadbean, etc.

If you would like to use the best rated self-sourcing and matching platform with a 20% discount, please create a free company account in five minutes and send us a message so we can start the special deal, if you want. Would you first like more information or would you like us to set up the account for your organisation? No problem, please contact us.