Handy tools

Here you will find handy tools such as custom-made interim agreements, a rate calculator, timesheets and evaluation forms.

   Hourly rate indicator

Three excellent methods to calculate the correct hourly rate that can be invoiced. From lower limit to market value as well as rates based on market research.

  Payrolling services for companies hiring freelance employees

Focus on the professional while saving on administration costs. At the same time your organization runs fewer risks in case of absenteeism and dismissal law issues.

   Factoring for self-employed professionals and SME-companies

Money at the bank within 24 hours. Long payment terms and payment risk belong to the past.

   Interim agreement generator

Quickly generate a reliable and complete Interim agreement in Dutch.

   Ready-to-use timesheet

Download this ready-to-use timesheet, which is automatically updated after completion.

   Reference and evaluation forms

Reference and evaluation forms in order to evaluate during or at the end of Interim assignments.

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