Handige tools


Useful tools for doing business; get your revenue faster, become easier to hire, create your own interim agreement and calculate your hourly rate with our rate indicator.

   Rate indicator

Three excellent methods to calculate the right hourly rate you can invoice. From lower bound to market value as well as rates based on market research.

  Earn money and get paid in the way that suits you

Be insured against illness, disability and unemployment. Thanks to the simple calculator and 100% transparent pay slip, you know exactly what happens with your money.

   Factoring for freelancers and self-employed: turnover in the bank within 24 hours

Have your invoiced turnover at your disposal within 24 hours. Long payment terms and payment risks belong to the past.

   The best liability insurance for the self-employed

Planet Interim knows that freelancers are at risk and has therefore selected a liability insurance which provides coverage for the financial consequences of making professional mistakes.

   Interim (model) agreement

Generate a custom-made interim agreement quickly. Refers to model agreement from the (Dutch) tax authorities.


Ready-made timesheet that calculates itself. Can be attached to your invoice.

   Reference and evaluation forms

Forms for the evaluation of candidates during or after interim assignments.