Planet Interim Indext

Planet Interim Index 2022

Analysis of the online market for interim managers, consultants and higher-trained freelance specialists based on thousands of new and updated interim profiles and over 86,300 assignments matched by Planet Interim with affiliated professionals in 2022.

The assignments were posted on Planet Interim or inventoried by Planet Interim from 350+ intermediaries and MSPs.

Planet Interim Index 2022

The desired hourly rates listed are based on a weighted average by discipline in 2022. The rate has been compiled by including for each discipline the number of new or updated professionals with their average desired hourly rate in each underlying function group. This means that function groups of different levels within a discipline weigh in.

Planet Interim sees it as its mission to make the hiring of interim managers, consultants and freelance specialists more transparent and therefore simpler and more cost-effective, minimising the difference between desired rate and received rate. More information.